Oregon Democrat “gun grabbers” are ready to start right away! Oregon Firearms Federation Alert!

by Rep. Bill Post

Oregon Firearms Federation


The Senate Judiciary Committee will be introducing its first gun control bill on January 17, at 3:30 PM in Hearing Room F at the Capitol. This is the bill we told you was coming banning private transfers and starting the registration process. The draft of the bill is number LC 154 and is not yet available for the public to see. The legislature is not scheduled to start proceedings until February so they are getting out in front in their efforts to attack your rights.

As you know, all gun registration starts with "background checks" and no doubt this bill will extend the failed background checks to virtually all transfers. So if you want to give a gun to your oldest friend or your nephew, you will now need to ask the State Police for "permission."

If the system is down you are out of luck.

These background checks are how the state builds a list of gun owners. These lists have been used over and over to begin the confiscation process. Not only in Nazi Germany but in New York and now in California.

It’s imperative that you contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them in no uncertain terms that you oppose extending the failed background check system to a private transfer and you oppose any new gun registrations.

I urge EVERYONE who can, put this on your calendar and if you can, attend this meeting! Be heard! Email this committee and email your own lawmakers.