Oregon Legislative Committee in full “gun grab” mode. Here’s the updated information from OFF.

by Rep. Bill Post

Oregon Firearms Federation
On Tuesday we told you that the Senate Judiciary Committee planned to introduce a "Legislative Concept" on Friday, January 17.
This will be a "concept" that will turn into a bill to ban private transfers of firearms. Since this has been called a "Committee Legislative Concept" it’s safe to assume they intend to turn it into a "Committee Bill." This is a bill that the "committee" introduces instead of one or more specific legislators putting their names on it. This is a common tactic taken when the people who want to pass something don’t want to take responsibility for it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee includes two Republicans, Betsy Close and Jeff Kruse, who are solid pro-gun votes. It also includes three Democrats:
the Chair, Floyd Prozanski, who is most likely one of the chief architects of this dangerous legislation,
Michael Dembrow, who is every bit as anti-gun as Jackie Dingfelder, the Senator he replaced when she resigned, and…
Arnie Roblan. Before leaving the House and joining the Senate, Roblan tended to vote pro-gun. As a Senator however, he supported every anti-gun bill that came to his committee last year, after assuring us he would oppose any bill that served no purpose other than window dressing. Obviously, he was not telling the truth.

Please contact the members of the committee and make your feelings known. In addition to the quick reference email we have added a suggested cut and paste message that you can use or modify to suit your style. Please act now. Here is the link for the alert one more time.