Register Republican if you live in Oregon, the Independent Party of Oregon is NOT independent.

by Rep. Bill Post

I’ve said it a hundred times I know many are tired of the Democrat and Republican parties but, the Independent Party of Oregon is NOT what you think it is. If you register as an "independent" that is small "i", not capital "I". You are probably desiring to be "non affiliated". That is NOT the Independent Party yet you may be placed in that party be default by the SOS. So, the best thing to do, especially since you won’t be able to vote in the Oregon Primary, is to re-register as a Republican. Give US a chance to earn your respect. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, not ALL Republicans are bad and if you check your values I’ll bet dollars to donuts you’ll find the GOP closer matches your’s!
Independent Party of Oregon: The Seinfeld Party? | The Oregon Catalyst::….html