Here is the draft of Floyd Prozanski’s first anti-gun bill. Hearing at 330 Friday in Hearing room F at the Capitol.

by Rep. Bill Post

LC0154 – 31706::…31706

Remember, the work session is Friday and this is due to be heard at 3:30. The committee actually starts their proceedings at 2:00. This is a "work session" so public testimony will not be taken. We assume the purpose is to vote on whether or not to introduce the bill as a "committee bill." This is so the promoters don’t have to put their names on it.

If this is correct, we certainly hope the two Republican members of the committee, Jeff Kruse and Betsy Close will vote "no" and demand that Floyd take ownership of this garbage. It does not matter if they win or lose, but they should not agree to allow this bill to be introduced in their name.

Note that the punishment for giving a gun to your best friend goes as high as FIVE YEARS IN PRISON and a $125,000.00 fine.

Prozanski has become Ginny Burdick’s errand boy. Senate President Peter Courtney is greasing the skids. They need to hear from you NOW.