Rep. Jason Conger who is running for US Senate to replace Jeff Merkley steps up the pressure on Cover Oregon

by Rep. Bill Post

Colossal cost of Cover Oregon prompts lawmaker to call for end to spending | KATU Investigators | – Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News – Portland, Oregon::….html

"The On Your Side Investigators revealed the colossal cost of Cover Oregon for the first time and it shows how much of your tax money has been spent on the failed website."

Here’s my take: I KNOW that Conger and other Republicans passed the bills that "created" Cover Oregon and I still say they did the best thing they could given the circumstances. They did not have the votes to tell the Federal Governement to "go away" and let Oregon be free from Obamacare, so they did the next best thing: "let US control this thing instead of being under the thumb of the feds". In hindsight it’s REALLY easy to say that was a wrong decision. At the time NOBODY thought anything of it until AFTER the votes and we saw the results. Now Rep. Conger is doing his best to try to get us out of this mess. I will not condemn he or any other members of the House or Senate Republicans for their votes. I can’t say what I would have done (if I did not know what was coming, just as they didn’t at the time). No I would not have voted for it IF I had known what we know now. That’s easy to do. Let’s come together now and see our real enemy: The Democrats who foisted this fiasco on us particularly our Governor!