Big Money enters race for House District 25 Game on!

by Rep. Bill Post

I want you to know, that this race, for House District 25, from several sources I know, has become one of THE most important races in the Oregon primary for 2014 in the Oregon Legislature. You know me, you know what I stand for. If you don’t please visit my website: and learn more. I am a STRONG Conservative who has been the voice of Oregon’s Conservatives for 5 years now. I am not a life long politician nor am I a public employee. I’m YOU….regular folks who are tired of government. I am going to be faced by a political money machine that has deep ties to the political establishment. NOW more than EVER, I need your help. PLEASE consider a donation of ANY size. At my website under the Donation button you’ll find a way to donate by credit/debit card or mail a check to our campaign. Don’t let this be won by public employee unions or establishment politicians. Help me so that I can help you! Thank you!

GOP campaigning in HD25 starts negative | The Oregon Catalyst::…26494