Corrections officers will now be able to carry guns but CHL required?

by Rep. Bill Post

This is one of those "doh" bills. We had to create a law for common sense? So imagine a prison guard over in Eastern Oregon driving home all by his or her self and no way of protecting themselves from convicts who might hold a grudge. Now, you and I as ordinary citizens can carry a firearm in our vehicle, even without a CHL. They cannot. This bill was kinda sorta good, but not great. Now corrections officers will have to get concealed carry licenses. Are they less "competent" than say a deputy sheriff or off duty city cop? Common sense in the State Legislature is hard to find, that’s why I think I should be there. I won’t always be right but I will be principled and have some doggone common sense!

Corrections officers allowed guns in cars | Statesman Journal |…-cars

"Correctional officers will be allowed to store guns in their cars in prison parking lots during the work day, if Gov. John Kitzhaber signs the bill passed in the Senate on Thursday."