Gee, I’ve always thought nurses were fantastic, what do I have to do? )

by Rep. Bill Post

Seriously though, notice how these unions always seem to give the money to Democrats? Is there ANY Republican "union"? I don’t really want their money, I just want them to stay out. One of the things that I am so thrilled about our campaign is that we’ve raised a good sum of money from just folks! $25, $50, $100 even some $1000 and a big check, all from regular folks. They believe as I do that we need somebody different, somebody who won’t always do "what he’s told to do". I won’t "toe the line" because of some money. I will "toe the line" when it comes to what my constituents in House District 25 want.

Nurses union doles out big checks: Oregon campaign finance |…river

"The Oregon Nurses Association contributed $19,000 to five candidates Wednesday, weighing in heavily in Portland-area races."