120,000 Oregonians with NO Insurance by 2019!

by Rep. Bill Post

When I was the operations manager for Northwest Medical Teams International, running the mobile dental van in the Mid Valley, I saw first hand how hard folks have it. We had a sort of rule, with the Oregon Health Plan in place for those who were in the most dire needs, that we would only serve those who could not afford dental care or were not covered by the OHP. So, I met thousands of folks who were hard working, wonderful fathers, mothers and children who made too much to get assistance but not enough to pay ONE more big expense, dental care. THAT is the way to take care of the health care needs of those who fall into the gaps. Private and non profit groups. If the State of Oregon is going to spend money on care for anyone, it should be done through these types of organizations. They are on the front lines, they know how best to serve and to do it efficiently. NOT the government. I feel horrible for those in this story below, but we CAN solve this: get government out of the way and let the pro’s take care of those who are falling into this gap!

No insurance for 120K Oregonians by 2019, report says | www.koin.com:: koin.com/2014/03/24/insurance-120000-oregonians-20…-says

"Experts say thousands of low-income people in Oregon and across the country are uninsured, stuck in a low-income coverage gap."