I Absolutely LOVED Ronald Reagan…..but….

by Rep. Bill Post

So Ronald Reagan is one of my greatest heroes in American history. I turned 18 and could vote in 1978 but it was an "off presidential" year so I had to wait to vote for him in 1980. I still have my Reagan ’76 bumper sticker, I would have voted in 1976 if I could have.
Here is a great article with his best quotes:

Now the reason for the "but…." in my title: the kids that turned 18 in time for this years elections are in the same situation I was in 1978, an "off year" but worse than that, they have NO hero to look up to in the political world. AND add to that, they hear all of we "old folks" talking about this "Ronald Reagan" guy as if he’s some sort of a "god" or something and guess what? Outside of MAYBE a history book, he’s no different to them then say Abraham Lincoln or Jimmy Carter for that matter. Why? Think about it. They were born in: 1996! They were barely 8 when he died and I am sure if they are a typical 8 year old at the time, they thought "well another old guy died" and went on playing hopscotch! They don’t have the "Reagan ideals" that we older folks do have.
They need a NEW political hero! Who will that be?
I think it’s time we stop talking about Ronald Reagan (and that REALLY hurts to say) and start talking about TODAY’S great statesman!
How about Senator Ted Cruz? Senator Mike Lee? Senator Rand Paul? Colonel Allen West? Who else? Get it? Got it!