Rep. Jason Conger’s voting record (the only US Senate candidate that has one) tells much about him

by Rep. Bill Post

I’m curious now, since the only really bad vote I see here is the Cover Oregon vote, that 58 other reps voted YES on, is this why he’s not the right candidate? I see a lot of really good votes here. He’s voted against gun control, against taxes on cigarettes, tax credits for businesses, increased charter schools, eased hunting cougars with dogs, stopped all day kindergarten, voted no on letting the governor run the schools, helped bring back the mascots, no on forced vaccinations, no on driver’s cards for illegals, no on medical marijuana, yes on pledge of allegiance in schools, no on limiting dredge mining… there’s about 4 votes out of say 40 that are bad? Really? And folks think he’s the "liberal" here? AND pro-life on top of all of that? Some Oregon Conservatives need to bash their head against the wall and wakey wakey! Sheesh. Discussion? (And if it gets out of hand, I WILL delete, keep it civil and keep it informative).

Jason Conger: A close look at GOP Senate candidate’s voting record in Oregon Legislature |…itter

"State Rep. Jason Conger’s key votes in the Oregon Legislature are shown in this chart. Conger, a Bend Republican, is seeking the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate."