This Shines a Light on Public Transportation

by Rep. Bill Post

Our state has so many beautiful things to see, and there’s nothing better than a Saturday drive with the family, but we have some very poorly maintained roads. The State of Oregon needs to make sure that our roads, highways and bridges (well not all, Columbia River Crossings would NOT be one) are safe and convenient for motorists. This is one of the VERY few jobs that the state is truly responsible for. We must re-prioritize things, get out of the health business, stop with foolish bridge projects, quit funding empty transit buses and trains, get out of the law making mode and maintain and improve our road infrastructure. This is not the East Coast where everything is very close and compact. We are a wide open, spread out state and we need good roads.

Oregon might cancel highway projects, lose $150 million or more annually if federal funding runs out |…rhead

"The impact could hit Oregon hard. Projects at risk include the widening of U.S. 26 to Cornelius Pass Road, highway paving, bridge rebuilding and "basically our entire capital construction program," said Travis Brouwer, ODOT chief of staff."