Volunteers Needed for Yard Sign Week this coming week!

by Rep. Bill Post

Hello friends,
I am reaching out to you for your help (wow, a candidate asking for help, there’s something you don’t see everyday!).
Next week we will have the yard signs delivered to our warehouse for distribution. Keizer does not allow signs to be put up until Saturday April 5th but we can put them up in rural Marion County from the Keizer city limits to Newberg (House District 25).

Here’s how I could REALLY use your help and it’s really easy stuff:

On Thursday the 3rd of April (this coming Thursday) we need 10-12 folks to call the people who have emailed, mailed or called telling us they want signs. So, you won’t be "cold calling" but rather, you’ll be calling folks who want to be called!
There will be a simple script about the signs being available to pick up on Saturday and asking whether they are in need of a delivery of a sign.
The calling would be from 5:30 to about 7 or so. The location of our office is in Oregon Right to Life at 4335 River Rd N, Keizer, OR 97303.
So, we have 7 lines in the office and so if we get more than 7 people (which would be AWESOME!!), we’d ask if you’d be willing to use your cell phone at the office.
Please email me here: vote@billpostfororegon.com or Garrett Wolfard our campaign manager at billpostor@gmail.com and let us know if you can do this, and please let us know as soon as possible (today would be great, so we can make our list and know for sure this is covered!).

Secondly on Saturday the 5th, it’s sign distribution day. We need 2-4 folks to volunteer to "mind the store" at our warehouse in shifts, so that folks can come pick up their signs and I could also use 2-4 folks who might have a pickup or van to go deliver signs to those folks who can’t get out. I’ll be joining that crew as well with my truck.
Same email addresses as above, but please let us know specifically which you can help on.

Lastly of course, if you live in Keizer and you’d like a sign, but can’t volunteer those days, please also email us and we’ll be sure and get you the info and if you need delivery that day, get you on the list.

I really need your help and many hands make light work. Please help if you have the time?
This is one of the most important weeks of the election cycle, getting those signs out. Also if you own, or know of an owner of a business in Keizer who might allow us to put a sign up, please let me know.

Thank you so much!!

Bill Post
The Right Choice
House District 25