Because judges ALWAYS know better than “we the people” what’s good for us right?

by Rep. Bill Post

Once again, our rights, our vote means nothing. By 14 points the definition of marriage amendment (by the way that’s NOT a "ban" that’s a "definition") won in Oregon just 10 years ago. Now, rather than uphold the law, a judge could overturn OUR votes. And those in support of overturning OUR votes, would rather a judge do that than let the voters decide. What are they afraid of? Losing? I thought ALL Oregonians had been "converted" to the "right way to think"? Maybe not? That’s why we have to leave this to a judge? Wrong, on all counts!

Gay marriage: Oregon backers seek quick win in courts while opponents fume from sideline |….html

"Sponsors of a gay marriage initiative in Oregon urged a federal judge Tuesday to quickly strike down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. If the court acts by May 23, sponsors said, they’ll withdraw their initiative and spare Oregon voters "a difficult election fight.""