The BIG Question “Bill, Why are you running for office?”

by Rep. Bill Post

I think this says it best:
It doesn’t matter your party or position, I have been unafraid to hold people accountable on my radio show and will do the same in office. It is one of the primary reasons I am running for the Oregon House. There are too many who get elected and then forget who got them there and why the people voted for them. I won’t forget.
As a fiscal and social Conservative radio talk show host, I’ve interviewed and debated hundreds of office holders, candidates, and leaders who shape public policy. That experience essentially provides you with a voting record even though I have not served in public office, I voted”on air” every single day with my opinions. You know how I’ll vote in the legislature!
In Five Years, 250 Days and 750 Hours, of talk radio, Bill Post has ruffled a few feathers. . . 🙂
Help me ruffle a few more in the Oregon Legislature!
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