REAL “Grassroots” Campaign Bill Post for Oregon

by Rep. Bill Post

You know, we don’t hang out with big names and do cocktail parties. We have pancakes at the bowling alley and coffee at friend’s houses and then, we just go out and do the work that it requires to win a campaign. Today was a great day filled with wonderful people. I met just about everybody in the SWEET country town of St. Paul. Got to put up signs all over town and just chat with good hard working folks. They are concerned about the way this state is headed and I hear them. I am too. Later in the evening we had some volunteers join us in calling voters in the district telling them about our yard signs. It was just flat out the way campaigning should be! Just folks. I am truly blessed by so many wonderful people in my life who are supporting me in this thing and even MORE importantly, the many folks we met or called who said "I’m praying for you Bill!". Wow! We’ll just keep on walking and knocking, calling and hammering in signs, telling the good folks of House District 25 that Bill Post is the RIGHT CHOICE! I Love Oregon and I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives!