Big Meeting tonight for Marion County Republicans!

by Rep. Bill Post

Hi! I hope that if you are a Marion County Republican PCP you won’t miss tonight’s Central Committee Meeting. We will be electing the temporary county commissioner to fill Patti Milne’s seat.
This is a great honor and one of the most important functions of the PCP. I am sure there will be a few candidates there too, but I am not going tonight as a candidate. I am a PCP and THAT is why I am going. To do my job. I hope that this meeting will be attended heavily by folks who want to help change our state in a good way and care about Marion County. I’ve not missed many meetings and I won’t miss this one. I love my dear GOP friends in Marion County and look forward to seeing everyone! Should another candidate be there from this district, just remember all of the other times he or she has NOT been to our meetings…… 😉 See you there!