Bill Post Gets “A” Rating from Oregon Firearms Federation as well as Endorsement!

by Rep. Bill Post

From Press release:
"Candidates who have not held office before but answered our survey were, obviously, rated based on survey answers. It is our policy to give a maximum rating of B+ to someone with no voting record. However, we make exceptions for candidates, who in spite of a lack of voting record, have a clear history of public support for the Second Amendment. (For example Bill Post who is seeking a House seat in the 25th district and Timothy McMenamin in the 41st District.)
Candidates who are NOT incumbents, but whom we recommend, are listed in bold, italics and underlined."

Bill Post was one of only 2 non incumbents given an "A" rating. Why? Because NO one has been more active in getting the word out to voters about assaults on their Second Amendment Rights than Bill Post. Every time there has been a new "anti-gun" bill introduced, Bill has hounded the lawmakers and convinced the voters to act. Many times the meetings were filled to overflow and Bill Post had much to do with that.
Who do YOU think will work harder for your gun rights than Bill Post? He’s proven this over and over!