Are you Registered to Vote In Oregon’s Primary? Its’ not only your right, it’s your DUTY!

by Rep. Bill Post

There’s a lot of things you can complain about, I could too but the ONLY way you can make real change is by voting. As I walk neighborhoods with my volunteers, I note how many houses I pass that are not registered to vote. Or, are registered "non-affiliated". Neither will get to vote in this May Primary. That’s so sad. We’ve had all the rallies I can stomach, we’ve stood on the Capitol steps enough, we’ve marched around in circles enough. Now it’s time to do the real work. Register and vote! You only have a very few days left.
If you haven’t received the voters pamphlet in the mail, you aren’t registered to vote in Oregon or you are not registered as a Republican or a Democrat. You must register before April 29th (Tuesday) to vote in the primary. The primary is Extremely important, because that is where the best candidate of each party is chosen. Don’t let others decide who will be on the ballot in November!
Its simple to register, change your address, or change parties, by going to the following site and fill out the form!…e=SOS