Are You Registered To Vote In Oregon Yet?

by Rep. Bill Post

It is SO important to exercise your right to vote. It is a right but it is also a duty! I am asking you, as a fellow American and Oregonian, if you have not registered to vote in the May primary in Oregon, please, please do! You can do it online or go to a post office or your county elections office and fill out the card. You only have until Tuesday at 5pm. Ballots are mailed out on Wednesday of THIS WEEK!! Sadly in the last "off election year" (non presidential) only 42% of eligible voters voted. That’s HORRENDOUS! You want change? BE the change!
I am also asking two favors:
1 – If you are registered "non affiliated" or "independent" or another party, since Oregon has a closed primary, would you PLEASE consider re-registering JUST for the Primary? We have some very important contested Republican races. Conservative candidates who could use your vote. You can go right back online the day after the primary and re-register back to whatever you want.
2 – If you live in Oregon House District 25 (Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg) please vote for Bill Post!
Click here for online registration: