95 percent of Oregonians now have health insurance coverage but Do they Have a Doctor?

by Rep. Bill Post

I am really glad that so many have health insurance. But, I have also seen front page stories about the lack of CARE for those with health insurance. This is why government can’t be in the business of…..business. Let the market determine. We ALL want good health coverage but I believe even more importantly, we want good health CARE. That comes with the competition between in state and out of state insurance companies, tort reform and letting YOU decide on YOUR health care.


"The rollout of Cover Oregon — the state’s health insurance marketplace — could hardly have been messier. Cost overruns, a famously dysfunctional website and, now, litigation, left the entire effort somewhere between comedy and tragedy. But that didn’t stop Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, during a recent televised debate with Republican challenger Rep. Dennis Richardson, from claiming that health care in Oregon has never been more successful in terms of the number of people covered. The claim: Kitzhaber said the state will have an operating website for new insurance sign-ups within weeks. He added:" static.politifact.com.s3.amazonaws.com:80/rulings/…e.gif