“GMO” labeling defeated but not over

by Rep. Bill Post

I posted the interactive map courtesy of Oregonlive a week ago or so but now they have another story to add about what the writer called "suprises" in how Oregonians voted. Here’s the link to the article and interactive map:

What I found most interesting is the underlying thought that the "GMO" labeling proponents MIGHT do an "end around" and begin slapping "labels" on your produce in your grocery store. Now I know this will most likely be a very few "hard cases" doing this, but, I still think it’s something to be concerned about. I found this comment on the Oregonlive story to be most interesting:
"I shudder at the thought of an army of rogue GMO labelers descending on the produce section of my local Safeway. Get real. Lick your imaginary wounds and move on with your life."

This is the exact tactic promoted by the hyper-agressive Organic Consumers Association for their "Panic, This Product is Not Organic" campaign for cosmetics. You can download stickers from the OCA website and vandalize products you don’t like until they throw you out of the store. Of course, the OCA was a primary funder of Measure 92 through their Organic Consumers Fund.
For your viewing pleasure here are the "labels" from the OCA site:

As that commenter said: "let’s move on folks"!