Scott Bruun The Challenges Legislative Democrats Face in 2015

by Rep. Bill Post

I count this man as one of the smartest men in Oregon and a dear friend. I still can’t believe he did not win in 2010 against Congressman Kurt Schrader. I’ve never read anything quite as intelligent from our esteemed Congressman from the Fifth District as Scott Bruun has written here. For those who are new to Oregon, Scott was the State Representative from West Linn until he ran for Congress in 2010. He is a true Conservative in a Democratic district. He makes several good points in this article. There is a little bit of "sadism" in me that hopes the D’s DO overreach and get all they want so that Oregonians will finally wake up and see the destruction this election will have wrought but the REAL side of me does not want Oregonians to suffer for the next 2 years unfairly. We shall see.…-2015

"As we grabbed our coats and walked toward the door, one of the other attendees looked at me with a mild look of surprise and said”they seem so bipartisan.”"