Eugene The New York City of Oregon?

by Rep. Bill Post

Eugene, home of the University of Oregon Ducks, soon to play in a National Championship is also home for some of the most "progressive" leaders in all of Oregon. Remember New York City’s ban on soda sizes, cigarettes and assorted other "we know what’s best for you nanny state" items? Eugene meet New York City.

Now I am not a huge fireworks fan, but to ban ALL fireworks, legal or not?…l.csp
Seriously? This is an issue? Sure I was kept awake for half the night New Year’s Eve with illegal fireworks here in my home in Keizer and I hated them, and they are illegal (a discussion for another day) but to ban sparklers, smoke bombs and those little worm thingies?

And how about those folks who use wood heat as their source of heat especially in the extremely cold conditions of this past week? NO you cannot foul our skies with your smoke!…l.csp

Where does it end? This is one reason why I decided to get off the radio (and get off of my chair) and run for office. The State, County or City, whatever government entity has intruded enough. These are but a couple examples of government overreach. It’s far past time to say "enough!"