Early Thoughts on 2016 Presidential Candidates

by Rep. Bill Post

Oh I just LOVE talking political races! There’s all kinds of rumors and chatter about who’s running for president in 2016 for the Republican Party. I want to talk about it as well!
There are tons of different early polling sites and I could have chosen any one of them but I thought this one from Real Clear Politics was very interesting as it took into account all kinds of different sources. Here’s the link: www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us….html

Now I’m just having fun here but let’s look at the main contenders:
Mitt Romney – He’s obviously the leader at this point at least as polls show. If 2012 scenarios were to play out again, I would be perfectly fine with Mitt, but, he’s by far not my first choice. I also think, sadly, his Mormon faith precludes him from winning. There are just too many folks that are hung up on that and it drove me crazy in 2012 and I don’t want to go through that again. So, politics aside, I scratch him for that alone.

Sen. Ted Cruz – The most Conservative of the bunch BUT that is exactly why we need him in the Senate. To keep the moderate GOP Senator’s feet on the fire. We can’t afford for him to be President. It’s that simple. He can do America more good as a US Senator.

Sen. Rand Paul – Ditto almost all of the above.

Mike Huckabee – Charlatan. Nice guy but has no idea what do to.

Dr. Ben Carson – Yes I get it, lots of Conservatives love him, I don’t. Nice guy, but doesn’t fully grasp the Second Amendment and is just not cut out to be President. I would love to see him in a very important cabinet position though.

Marco Rubio – Needs more time….maybe 2024.

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan – No. Most likely one of these will be our nominee. Not one of them get me excited to get out the vote.

There are others but I think we clearly have 2 fantastic all around Conservative candidates that I would like to see the field narrowed down to:
Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Scott Walker.
Rick Perry is my choice by a long ways. He has the executive experience running a "first world country" in the state of Texas. 14 years of growth and prosperity. This was not the same man in 2012, he had health issues that have only recent been revealed. I give to you this speech and you tell me how this guy isn’t our next president:

Scott Walker is a close second and I won’t say much more than what is pointed out in this article:

The key part of that story to me is this paragraph:
"Walker’s take-no-prisoners approach with unions over collective bargaining rights catapulted him onto the national stage. He survived an expensive recall election in 2012 that put him on the map of possible presidential contenders and won re-election in November by six points—running as a conservative in a state that has chosen the Democratic candidate for president since 1984."

Well that’s just a quickie thought or two only because I am much better at talking than typing.
Please feel free to post your comments to this story.