Protesters at Capitol demand higher minimum wage- Where’s the Unions?

by Rep. Bill Post

Note the absence of major employee unions at these "protests"? Let’s take the OEA for instance. Do you really think the $15 per hour minimum wage will appeal to teachers? They have taken years of school to get to where they are, bachelors, masters even doctoral degrees. They might be at the top of their pay scale after so many years. They may not have another pay raise (outside of small cost of living raise) for the rest of their career. So, again, why do you think the major unions are not in these protests? As Conservatives, let’s stop talking about the affect on businesses…though it’s correct, we need to be more mindful of the "inequity"of raising the salaries of a VERY few people while the rest of Oregon gets paid whatever they are now. It’s UNFAIR! Those who desire this hourly raise are extremists who do not want FAIR pay for everyone! (The preceding was "tongue in cheek" to make a point)
Where’s the teacher’s union, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO? They’re at home enjoying their $30 an hour pay. Meanwhile you and I will continue to struggle with what we make but we will not ask for the government to give us a raise because we know that is NOT the government’s job.…93479

"Supporters of higher wages for Oregon’s low-paid workers swarmed the state Capitol steps today, loudly chanting "fight for 15.""…0.jpg