Bills, Committees to watch on Monday/Tuesday in

by Rep. Bill Post

Folks we have a boatload of stuff coming our way thanks to the majority in the Oregon Legislature and big money was spent to get that stuff going.
Here are just 3 bills to watch next week and a couple of agendas to keep on your calendar if possible.

1 – The Low Carbon Fuel Standard bill (SB 324) (…SB324) – eliminating the sunset and adding some sideboards – is moving on the senate side. Agenda here:…genda

2 – The Secretary of State’s automatic voter registration bill (HB 2177) (…B2177) will be heard as a public hearing Monday in Rules. Agenda here:…genda

3 – The controversial class action”reform” / cy pres bill from 2014 (killed in the Senate by Sen Johnson in 2014) is back in a slightly different form (HB 2700) (…B2177) and will be heard in Judiciary on Monday (public hearing and poss work session) and likely moved out of the committee on Tuesday. As you may recall, this bill expands the definition of a class in a class action judgment to”generally described members” of a class rather than finding actual class members / victims. This inevitably leads to leftover judgment or settlement funds (and larger attorney’s fees) when folks cannot be found to claim them, and these cy pres (“sigh pray”) funds under this bill will be split 50% to legal aid and 50% to a charity / entity of the judge’s choosing that the judge believes are related to the class action or beneficial to the interests of the class members. Agenda here:…genda

We need you to write, email, call your state senator and rep (preferably the Democrat members as the R’s will stand strong on these issues) and tell them "NO". Then, if you can, go to these hearings and make your voice heard, or at least be a body standing up for what’s right!