The Spock Tribute gets some national (sort of) play

by Rep. Bill Post

The funniest part about my “Spock tribute” is the amount of people, mostly on the left, who didn’t “get it”. My wife says it’s the “dead pan humor” of my delivery. That was part of the joke! No emotion….logic. I know Spock is not a D or an R. Sheesh. I am so grateful for the wonderful sense of humor that my colleagues in the Oregon House have. They “got it”! What you don’t see on the video is how many of them flashed their “Vulcan” sign at me! They loved it, both Democrat and Republican. We had had a tough battle on the floor and I just felt that it was my job (as it is many times) to add a bit of levity to the day, to end the day.
So, to Wendy, the writer from this website below: please use your Vulcan logic and see that even he would have thought it was “illogical” and “fascinating” that someone would remember him with great love and admiration on the day he died.…video