Education Funding Forget the kids, we want convicts to be educated!

by Rep. Bill Post

I am receiving a lot of emails and letters accusing me and the legislature of “cutting the education budget”. First of all NO one is “cutting”. The Governor’s recommended amount is $7.235 billion. Republicans would like to see that raised to at least $7.5 billion with very careful monitoring of that money but the problem is, the Democrats have so many wonderful programs and plans for your money that THEY are the ones NOT wanting to fully fund Education.
Examples: The Extreme Enviromental Agenda like Low Carbon Fuel Standards
But, the prize has to be this one: college for convicts! Read the details in HB 3390 here:…duced
And how about this testimony from the Oregon Department of Corrections heard today in the Higher Education Committee:…54123

Yes, “college for convicts”….coming to Oregon soon. You’re welcome.