An Example of why America is STILL the Greatest Country on Earth

by Rep. Bill Post

Today in one of my committee’s we heard testimony from many people about the issue of “police racial profiling”. Now I will not debate this issue but instead want to focus on something that I took away from that hearing.
One of the witnesses was a Hispanic woman (she pointed out in testimony that she was not a legal immigrant by the way) who told a compelling story about her treatment by the police. Now whether her story is true or not is not the point, it was what she did, or better, what, because of this great nation, she was allowed to do.
I ask you this question: In what other country in the world could you be an illegal resident and sit in front of your elected officials in a committee, speak in your native tongue with the help of a translator and complain about how you are treated by the officials of this nation?
Wow! This could make one angry but instead it encourages me. Would ANY other nation allow this? No. America does. The “Great Experiment” that is The United States of America is still on going.
What a GREAT nation we are privileged to live in!