Gun Rights Activists Call to Action!!

by Rep. Bill Post

Here is your chance to have the dialogue that was missed in the Senate on SB 941.

Unlike what happen in the Senate Judiciary committee a week or so ago, where testimony on this bill was limited to 2 hours, and hundreds of people drove for hundreds of miles and were not allowed to participate, Representative Val Hoyle, Chair of House Rules has graciously promised that EVERYONE will get their say when it comes to SB 941 (Universal Background Check bill). She is allowing testimony to go until all have spoken, even late into the night. The hearing will begin at 3pm and go until at least 10pm. See details of time, location and more:…genda
In addition, Chair Hoyle has asked that Rep. Williamson, a proponent of SB 941, and myself, Rep. Post, an opponent of SB 941, to sit in on the committee at the dais and participate in the hearing.

I am asking you, the Second Amendment Rights supporters to come and participate. If you do come, please respect the rules and the decorum of our democratic process. That includes, not cheering and applauding but rather respectfully listening to each person testify. All testimony will be limited to 2 minutes so that the maximum amount of people on both sides can speak. This is an after hours event therefore you’ll find free street parking after 5pm.

Please share this invitation (on Facebook, Twitter etc) as it is vital for our 2nd amendment rights supporters to fill this committee room and make our voices heard.