Is Senate Bill 941 Even Necessary?

by Rep. Bill Post

Ok I know that’s a stupid question for many but after reading this article in the East Oregonian, I had to ask it.…house
This week the House Rules Committee passed SB 941 to the House floor on a party line vote. I was honored to be invited to sit at the dais for the hearing on Wednesday night this week. Rep. Val Hoyle invited me as a “pro-gun” guy. I thank her for the honor and I also thank her for giving EVERYONE a chance to speak, unlike the Senator from the Senate Judiciary committee.
We went from 1pm to 8:30pm and everyone got their chance. But, with the leadership of the majority party wanting to run this bill as fast as possible, the work session for the bill was the very next day and was passed 5-4 on a party line vote.
Now it comes to the House floor for a full vote. I feel sorry for those Democrats who are “pro-gun” or even those who are neutral on the issue. They are being “strong armed” into voting “Yes” on the bill. We only need 5 of them to stop this bill in it’s tracks. I believe we can find 5. Our job in the building is to use our relationships to try to convince them to vote “no”. Your job as citizens is to fire off emails to ALL of the House Democrats and strongly but politely urge a “no” vote.
This bill will NOT stop crooks from getting guns but will instead make criminals out of law abiding citizens. It’s that simple. Now please, go do your job over this weekend. Don’t send “blast emails” to ALL representatives. Don’t use “form email letters”. Write your own personal note and send it ONLY to House Democrats. Here is a great way to find them all:….aspx
Send each one individually a short but concise email. Will this take time? Yes. How important is liberty to you? Thank you.