CHL Reciprocity Bill Being used to “fix” SB 941

by Rep. Bill Post

We were told that SB 941 (Universal background check) was “great”! That it was “the answer” to gun violence. Of course most of us knew it was not and that it was completely unenforceable. I was one of the “NO” votes on it.
My CHL Reciprocity bill, HB 3093, passed the House 57-1 then went to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now it has several amendments, one of which would “fix” SB 941! It has NOTHING to do with my CHL reciprocity bill, but everything to do with “covering” those Democrats who wanted to vote “NO” on SB 941 but “couldn’t” because their party wouldn’t let them. They were promised a “fix”. The amendment can be found here:…/6919
Basically it “reverses” a couple of the portions of SB 941 like: you could “transfer” a firearm for 7 days. You can call in a background check on a private sale (under certain circumstances). If you loved SB 941, you’re going to HATE this amendment. If you hated SB 941, you’re STILL going to HATE this amendment. It’s not good for either side, it’s pure politics.

Knowing this was coming, Sen. Ted Ferrioli attempted to pull the original CHL reciprocity bill out of the committee and onto the Senate floor today. He was not successful. Here is the video. (PS: the work session on HB 3093 is 5/27 at 8am)