Rep. Post CHL Reciprocity is dead AGAIN

by Rep. Bill Post

In a sad development for Oregonians, HB 3093, the Concealed Handgun License Reciprocity bill will be moved from the Senate floor to Senate Rules Committee where it will most likely die a quiet death. Once again, Sen. Floyd Prozanski wins and Oregonians and for that matter, residents of other states, lose. The House voted 57-1 in favor of the original bill. Sen. Prozanski amended it with an amendment that would make it impossible for ANY state to meet the requirements of this bill. Apparently the good State Representatives are just not as bright as the Senator? All 57 who voted “yes”? Bi-partisan? We hope to revisit this bill again next year. For another session, Sen. Prozanski has successfully killed a chance for TRUE CHL reciprocity in Oregon. This bill was seen by House Democrats and Republicans as a “win win” for all. It would have been nice to have seen if the Senate would have felt the same about the original bill. They will not have that chance.