Oregon Story 15 year olds and sex change operations

by Rep. Bill Post

I want to address the story that’s been all over the news today as there is SOME misleading information.
Here’s the story: www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/07/09/oregon-allowin…tions

Now, so you know, this was NOT done by the Oregon Legislature. This is a Governor Kitzhaber appointed administrative board the HERC Committee and they basically run on their own with little to no public comment or meetings. They rule on medical issues without the Legislature’s input.
As for what can “we” or I do? I am looking into this now and will follow up. This has a lot to do with Oregon’s insane “age of consent” laws which the Legislature (before I got there) did have something to do with. This is complete Administrative Overreach and it MUST be addressed. I am just as shocked and abhorred at this as you probably are. I will dig into this more.