“Our Oregon” is NOT MY Oregon nor is it YOUR Oregon it’s more taxes!

by Rep. Bill Post

I just want to make it VERY clear that I am more than a “social conservative”. This article should bring back horrific memories of Measures 66 and 67 and the flat out LIES that were spread by the unions to get new taxes passed. If you own a business in Oregon…you MUST wake up and get with it! Democrats and their union hack friends do NOT want you to be in business in Oregon. They will sacrifice you for the “greater good”. I have heard from some Portland business groups that they “don’t believe this will pass”. Are you that out of touch with what the Legislature has done recently?
Oregon brought in nearly $2 billion more dollars this biennium than last yet it’s “Not enough” for “Our Oregon”. MY Oregon can’t take anymore of this and MY Oregon is folks that will just up and leave and then there’s NO one left to tax.
WAKE UP Oregon…these folks hate you. If you make $125,000 a year, you are evil. If your company grosses $25 million, you are evil. Just let that sink in a bit. With today’s inflation and the sink of the dollar, those numbers are not what they once were.
We must begin this battle AGAIN but this time be ready earlier, cause they are!

“Unger said Our Oregon may also decide later to proceed with yet another initiative that would raise personal income taxes for individuals with a taxable income of more than $125,000 and for joint filers above $250,000.”