Rep. Post, Wilson and Sen. Hansell “not hot”

by Rep. Bill Post

Though my wife might say otherwise, I am apparently “NOT hot”. I think it means politically. In this week’s weekly charade “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not” by this person who I guess is “in the know” in Oregon politics, he’s designated Speaker Tina Kotek as “Hot”. She is lauded for having the “courage” to stop the Planned Parenthood hearing. Actually, she was only listening to her donor, Planned Parenthood and the deep fear of the questions that would have come, but ok, to each his own.
As for why I am “NOT hot”? I got a $1000 check from…wait for it….THE EVIL KOCH BROTHERS!! Actually, my treasurer and I were going to frame it but you can’t cash it AND frame it. Included in “NOT HOT” is Rep. Carl Wilson and Sen. Bill Hansell. Taking money from the EVIL KOCH BROTHERS is you see, EVIL! There’s “good money” and there’s “Bad Money”. This guy is deciding for you.
As far as I can recollect, the EVIL KOCH BROTHERS haven’t chopped up babies and sold them for profit lately, so I’ll gladly take their money. I wouldn’t be so quick to accept donations from Planned Parenthood, but again, to each his/her own.
Can someone PLEASE tell this guy that there ARE places that exist outside of his Portland bubble? Sheesh.…e-p-c

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