Bill Post

Oregon State Representative House District 25

Rep. Bill Post speaks at rally in Salem


Rep. Post on The Hugh Hewitt Show 8/4/15 audio…-4-15

Rep. Post and Other Republicans Demand Action on Planned Parenthood

I did a short video today with an announcement and my passion for this issue. We MUST stop this organization from continuing this horrific practice and more. Please share this video with your friends.

Rep. Post on the Hugh Hewitt Show today at 1245 PT

Rep. Post will be a guest on the national talk show “The Hugh Hewitt Show” today at 12:45 pacific time. He’ll be talking about whatever Hugh wants but most likely the story of the transition from talk show host to state representative. If you live in Oregon, you can hear the show on a delay at 6:45pm tonight at 1430 AM KYKN. You can listen live here:
It’s Rep. Post’s first radio show interview since leaving the airwaves in August of 2014.

Rep. Post, Rep. Nearman others rank GOP Presidential Candidates

Here’s an early handicap and comments on the GOP presidential candidates. Dan Lucas, editor of the Oregon Catalyst had 5 panelists: Larry Huss, Dan Mason, Rep. Mike Nearman, former Rep. Patrick Sheehan and myself rank the 16 candidates, then he took those numbers and averaged them out. He also had us add our comments on each (we were allowed to be “free” with our comments, so there is a lot of “tongue in cheek” stuff).….html

“by NW Spotlight We are now 467 days from the next presidential election on November 8, 2016, to elect the 45th president of the United States. In just 7 days, on August 6th, Fox News will be holdin…”

Rep. Post ponders the events of his first legislative session

The Newberg Graphic printed my legislative wrap up this week, and I thank them!…ssion

The legislative session just came to a close and as your state representative I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on some of the highlights from the past months.”

2015 Legislative Wrapup – Keizertimes Rep. Post

This is the editorial wrap up of the session that I wrote for both the Keizertimes and the Newberg Graphic, but as I mentioned, only the times printed.…-year

Abortion, Planned Parenthood and Oregon taxpayers – America’s Disgrace 07/19 by Ken Taylor Lifestyle Podcasts

I just got done talking to Ken Taylor and Liberty Pike about these topics and I hope you might listen, it’s only a half hour and you can share the link with friends and family. It’s important!…grace

“A video exposing The Planned Parenthood practice of harvesting organs and tissue from babies in the process of abortion is turning up the heat on an industry that is a disgrace to America. Nationwide, over 57 million unborn babies have been killed since abortion was legalized by the January 22, 1973 Supreme Court decision – Roe v. Wade. Today, in this country, an unborn child can be legally killed for any reason throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy. A baby can be aborted because he or she is unwanted, inconvenient, possibly imperfect, or even the wrong sex. Oregon Right to Life…. Please join me and my guest Liberty Pike, Communications Director for Oregon Right to Life, and Oregon House Representative Bill Post for a frank discussion about this practice and the abortion industry in Oregon and America. Who regulates abortion in Oregon? You’ll find out this coming Sunday, July 19th at 8PM.”