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Have Oregon Republicans Really Moved to the Right?

I was having conversation with a very astute political person yesterday and the topic of 2016 Oregon elections came up. The person said a line that I’ve heard a thousand times (in fact the O recently ran a story to the same effect) “Republicans (or the Republican Party) in Oregon have gone SO FAR right of what they were 25-30 years ago!”.
I can’t express how much I disagree and find that statement laughable. NO ONE ever talks about how far LEFT the Democrats of Oregon have gone…so far left that they MAKE Republicans look like “right wing nut jobs”. We are always told “Hatfield and Atiyeh et al would never make it in today’s Republican party”. Let me ask this: would ANY Democrat from the 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s be accepted in TODAY’S Democratic Party of Oregon? Bob Straub? Barbara Roberts? The GOP hasn’t changed a bit. We’ve been pro life since 1976 (well technically, always but after Roe v. Wade, officially). We’ve been the party of the family forever. We’ve been pro business and pro middle class, forever. The “FDR movement” was swallowed up by the “Reagan Coalition” in the 1980’s, that’s over 30 years ago!
No, it’s not the GOP that’s moved….it’s the DPO that’s drastically changed. It’s time for the business and health communities to wake up, especially in Portland and quit thinking “old school” as you have been and see that the GOP is not the party that has “gone to the right”. WE are not costing you money….WE are not hurting you….the party that has shifted so far to the left that several GOOD solid Democrat House members can’t even recognize their own party…..THEY have left you!

Will 2016 be the year of Republicans in Oregon?

I saw someone say “the Democrats will be stretched thin this year” due to primary campaigns and the many open seats due to some running for other office or retiring. Of course the “good money” would be on Republicans losing in ’16 due to a Presidential year, but I believe Oregon has had enough. Enough of anti business, anti agriculture and anti gun legislation (among many other things) and that combined with the open seats and nasty primaries to come, Oregon may finally see some purple!

Planned Parenthood and OHSU letters with GOP response

Here are the letters in response to the House GOP members who sent direct questions to Planned Parenthood and OHSU followed by our response today to the media.
The Planned Parenthood letters don’t say much but the OHSU letter tells us volumes….they HAVE paid for 123 baby livers and thymus from ABR. More questions to come but Oregon deserves to know the truth!

Rep. Post, Wilson and Sen. Hansell “not hot”

Though my wife might say otherwise, I am apparently “NOT hot”. I think it means politically. In this week’s weekly charade “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not” by this person who I guess is “in the know” in Oregon politics, he’s designated Speaker Tina Kotek as “Hot”. She is lauded for having the “courage” to stop the Planned Parenthood hearing. Actually, she was only listening to her donor, Planned Parenthood and the deep fear of the questions that would have come, but ok, to each his own.
As for why I am “NOT hot”? I got a $1000 check from…wait for it….THE EVIL KOCH BROTHERS!! Actually, my treasurer and I were going to frame it but you can’t cash it AND frame it. Included in “NOT HOT” is Rep. Carl Wilson and Sen. Bill Hansell. Taking money from the EVIL KOCH BROTHERS is you see, EVIL! There’s “good money” and there’s “Bad Money”. This guy is deciding for you.
As far as I can recollect, the EVIL KOCH BROTHERS haven’t chopped up babies and sold them for profit lately, so I’ll gladly take their money. I wouldn’t be so quick to accept donations from Planned Parenthood, but again, to each his/her own.
Can someone PLEASE tell this guy that there ARE places that exist outside of his Portland bubble? Sheesh.…e-p-c

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“Our Oregon” is NOT MY Oregon nor is it YOUR Oregon it’s more taxes!

I just want to make it VERY clear that I am more than a “social conservative”. This article should bring back horrific memories of Measures 66 and 67 and the flat out LIES that were spread by the unions to get new taxes passed. If you own a business in Oregon…you MUST wake up and get with it! Democrats and their union hack friends do NOT want you to be in business in Oregon. They will sacrifice you for the “greater good”. I have heard from some Portland business groups that they “don’t believe this will pass”. Are you that out of touch with what the Legislature has done recently?
Oregon brought in nearly $2 billion more dollars this biennium than last yet it’s “Not enough” for “Our Oregon”. MY Oregon can’t take anymore of this and MY Oregon is folks that will just up and leave and then there’s NO one left to tax.
WAKE UP Oregon…these folks hate you. If you make $125,000 a year, you are evil. If your company grosses $25 million, you are evil. Just let that sink in a bit. With today’s inflation and the sink of the dollar, those numbers are not what they once were.
We must begin this battle AGAIN but this time be ready earlier, cause they are!…e1718

“Unger said Our Oregon may also decide later to proceed with yet another initiative that would raise personal income taxes for individuals with a taxable income of more than $125,000 and for joint filers above $250,000.”

House Democrats cancel Planned Parenthood meeting could this letter be the reason?

Tonight House Speaker Tina Kotek and House Democrats cancelled the scheduled hearing on Monday to find out what is going on with Planned Parenthood in Oregon. Five House Republicans signed onto a records request from the Oregon Health Authority that will prove to be very valuable information. Was this perhaps the reason the hearing was cancelled so that this information would not be made public? What do OHSU and Planned Parenthood have to hide?

There were questions for OHSU like:
The president of Planned Parenthood in a letter to congress indicated that you currently obtain post abortive tissue from Planned Parenthood to do research on placenta. How much money do you give Planned Parenthood for each placenta you receive?
Where is the deceased human embryo or fetus separated from the placenta? Who is responsible for this process? What happens to the deceased human embryo or fetus after it is separated?
Has OHSU ever received fetal organs from Planned Parenthood?

And questions for Planned Parenthood like:
. Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. is the oldest fetal organ company in the United States. Over the past 26 years ABR has partnered with multiple Planned Parenthood affiliates to obtain fetal organs. In the 9th video released by the Center for Medical Progress just after the 4th minute mark, the procurement manager for ABR states that she obtains fetal organs from clinics in Oregon.
Has Planned Parenthood in Oregon ever delivered fetal organs to Advanced Bioscience Resources?
What type of fetal organs did Planned Parenthood deliver to ABR?
2. Cecil Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood sent a letter to Congress on August 27 of this year where she stated that Planned Parenthood in Oregon currently provides OHSU with post-abortion tissue from which researchers extract the placental tissue they are studying.
Does the post abortion tissue that Planned Parenthood sends to OHSU include the tissue of the deceased human embryo or fetus?
3. In a video released on July 30, According to Dr. Savita Ginde, the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado State University provided Planned Parenthood with $200 per specimen for its research on first trimester placental tissue. Is this the similar to the amount of money that Planned Parenthood in Oregon receives from OHSU?
4. According to the Associated Press OHSU received money from the National Institutes of Health from 2011 to 2014 for research involving human fetal tissue. Did any of the tissue obtained by OHSU for this research come from Planned Parenthood in Oregon?
5. Why types of fetal organs were provided to OHSU? Did you provide fetal livers? Did you provide fetal hearts? Did you provide fetal brains? Did you provide fetal lungs?

The link will take you to a pdf copy of the letter to Lynn Saxton of OHA.

House GOP Demands Hearings on

Parenthood Release.pdf

I am very proud to have been one of the signers of this letter. I am very happy that Chair Greenlick has agreed to hold the hearings during the upcoming Legislative Days. What I am concerned about is: why it took so long for his response, why the majority party has been so quiet on this issue and when the hearings are held, will the majority party and chair only take testimony from the so called “scientists” and “experts” from OHSU, Planned Parenthood and OHA but not include experts from Center for Medical Progress and other pro-life groups? What about the general public? In the above press release are the time and date of the hearing and I strongly urge ALL concerned Oregonians to set that on their calendar. This is the most important and pressing issue of the day.…anned

Rep. Post running for reelection in HD25

“The people of House District 25 have made it clear that they want government to be held accountable and that is what I am committed to do. My office door has always been open and I have stood up for common sense and limited government. It would be an honor to continue serving my friends and neighbors in the state Capitol”